Newborn Photography – What an adorable teddy bear baby!

October 30th, 2016

We were so excited when we found out that this family was adopting another baby!  Baby Gabriel’s session will definitely be one of our favorite recent boy sessions.  We were able to use one of our newest props created specifically for newborn photography during his session.   We used a combination of blues and dark browns when planning for his session.  We love how they turned out.  The dark colors bring attention to Gabriel’s beautiful skin tone, making the him the focus of the images.

Gabriel was such a sweet baby for us and slept throughout the session even as we moved from each set up.  Our parents are often surprised at how well their babies sleep during our sessions. Between Julie and myself, we have photographed hundreds of babies and have a few tricks that work wonders. We always share some of our tips for helping baby’s sleep with our BBP parents.  We find a lot of the information at to be very helpful for parents.   They have a great article on “Getting your baby to sleep: Products that help.”    As all our parents have seen when visiting us for sessions, we love our white noise maker.  Ours has a lot of soothing sounds that include ocean waves, heartbeat and, our favorite, rain drops.   We have found when dealing with hundreds of newborns that they are all different but in most cases, the white noise sounds tend to soothe them all.

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newborn_photography011 newborn_photography052 newborn_photography007 newborn_photography021

The teddy bear props shown were created by  She has a large variety of props made specifically for newborn photography.  Be sure to check out her page.

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